Letters to the Editor

No time for this raise

Shame on the Madera Unified School District Board.

They voted to increase pay and benefits for Superintendent John Stafford by 8.62% retroactive to July 2009. He also gets an increase in his automobile allowance to $850 per month. His new salary is $171,058.

Teachers and classified employees had to take furlough days this year because of these "difficult" financial times for the district. Also, Mr. Stafford approved layoff notices to be sent out recently to many classified employees in the district. These are people who work directly with students daily.

The teachers, aides, librarians, cafeteria workers, custodians and more have had to cut back this year, but I guess this doesn't apply to the leader of the district. Mr. Stafford and the board should take try to lead by example and do what the rest of us are doing; conserving and cutting back.

How many pencils, pens and supplies does Mr. Stafford buy out of his own pocket to help the students? The teachers have been given paltry sums to supply their classrooms so many go out and spend their own money.

I hope Mr. Stafford and the Madera Unified board can sleep well at night! Scrooge could learn a thing or two from them!

Melissa Flores