Letters to the Editor

Valuable meeting with Sheriff

The Bee's coverage of Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims' recent town hall meeting was so lackluster I must question how long the reporter was there.

The concept, venue, attendance and participation were fabulous. People generally show up when they're ticked off and want to complain. On the contrary, there was support for the Sheriff's Department in that audience.

Folks were made to feel important, welcome and personally listened to by Sheriff Mims. People from at least three of the four SO Policing Areas attended to obtain current, accurate information vital to his or her own circumstances.

It is also unfortunate that nobody invited from the city felt it was important enough to attend to address concerns regarding county islands.

I hope more Fresno County residents will take advantage of the Sheriff making herself so available to all of us and attend her future town hall meetings for their very own first-hand and honest information.

Marilyn Kelarjian