Letters to the Editor

Not in spirit of season

Couldn't you find anything else for the Valley Voices page on Dec. 19 but Connie Bertelsen Young's mean-spirited screed? However many times she may repeat it, the Founding Fathers were not evangelicals, but for the most part tolerant Deists and stolid Episcopalians.

I think she actually draws her inspiration from the earlier Puritans, that jolly group who exiled Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson for not toeing the theological line.

I certainly agree with Ms. Young's feelings that a religious holiday should not be co-opted into a venue for hysterical consumerism, but this does not prevent me from hoping that my Muslim neighbors have a happy Eid, and wishing the African American community a joyous Kwanzaa. I hope Connie had a very Merry Christmas.

Lise Rosenthal