Letters to the Editor

'Avatar' connection

What do "Avatar" and Jesse Morrow Mountain have in common? The theme of the film has to do with a naughty exploitative corporation proposing to mine and thus wipe out a mountain sacred to the natives of Pandora.

We have a real version, not virtual, of this theme about to be enacted here. Jesse Morrow Mountain, important to a local tribe of Native Americans and to anyone else who cherishes its unspoiled splendor, is to be taken down bit by bit for its aggregate deposits, by Cemex, a Mexico-based global corporation.

This operation is proposed to last a hundred years or more and will, among other things, involve 900 truck loads a day on the two-lane entry road to Kings Canyon. The possibilities of accidents are great. The pollution of our air is inevitable. Not good except for the bottom line of Cemex.

Protest this disaster-in-the-making by calling or writing the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. See the Jesse Morrow Mountain Web site for more information.

Stanley Poss