Letters to the Editor

Burning does impact air

This is in response to D.J. Lantis' letter, "Wood burning is natural," Dec. 18. Well, he's right, wood burning is natural, when it is ignited by a natural cause, such as a lightening strike, but not when it is ignited by humans.

Mr. Lantis complains that we had, "six consecutive no-burn days ... and to add insult to injury, for each of those six days, I watch the air quality index gradually get worse; it seems as though wood burning has no impact on air quality." What Mr. Lantis doesn't understand is that, like my neighbor, most people that burn wood ignore the wood burning ban and burn anyway, so it does impact air quality.

Mr. Lantis goes on to say "Who makes these decisions on behalf of the average person ... the highly restrictive California Air Resources Board ...this is just another example of a form of socialism."

If socialism means that we respect the health and welfare of other people, then I'm all for it. The carcinogens and fine particulate matter created by wood burning aggravates asthma and other lung diseases, causes heart attacks and strokes and even causes cancer.

We have one of the highest asthma rates in the nation, and once again I agree with Mr. Lantis, "let us heat our homes naturally," with natural gas, "and end this nonsense."

Todd Hinkle