Letters to the Editor

Who represents us?

"I got mine, try and get yours" seems to be the attitude of our Republican representatives in Congress. Just say "no" to all that the Democrats propose. That's why I have been a Democrat all my life.

Whether dealing with legislation or through oratory, the Republican Party sends the same message. The less fortunate of birth or opportunity always take the hits in our society. Republicans are always reluctant to give these Americans the helping hand needed to excel.

I receive the score cards on legislators (state and federal) and consistently the Republicans score low (some 100%) on middle-class needs, elderly issues, education needs (public) and health care. Democrats support these needs and Republicans oppose.

The recent score card on the voting records on 10 crucial issues, legislation supported by the California Alliance for Retired Americans and the polarization is obvious. This goes for our local, federal and state legislators. Who really represents the needs of all Americans?

Raymond F. Ensher