Letters to the Editor

Hearing Santa's arrival

Christmas Eve was always a “warm and fuzzy” time we will forever remember as our daughters were growing up. But those very few precious years just before they started to school were especially wonderful.

Bedtime for Chaille and Cheri when they were 3 and 4 years old on Christmas Eve was always particularly difficult because Santa was coming and sleep seemed to escape them. So Dad, at just the right time, would discretely slip out into the backyard with a handful of bells and, as if upon a magical cue, rang the bells.

The girls, who were inside all warm and cozy with Mom, upon hearing “Santa’s sleigh bells,” would immediately jump up yelling, screaming and run as fast as their little 3- and 4-year-old legs would carry them, to bed. In their path would be slippers and housecoats strewn along the way, as they ran to get into bed and fall asleep before Santa actually arrived. After all, if one sees Santa on his big arrival, one may not get the presents they had requested.

What a beautiful memory we all share about this time.

Jerry and Wanda Long