Letters to the Editor

Change FUSD direction

In response to Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea's Dec. 4 letter that the $3 million Fresno Unified would get as a result of the president's "Race to the Top" program: I have to say its impact on public education in Fresno would be nonexistent.

The bill he is supporting is simply a way to diminish the power of the teachers unions in their efforts to protect teachers from political retribution when they speak out or expose the ineptness of the administration.

The $3 million for Fresno Unified would not be used to hire teachers, but instead it would be used to bloat the bureaucracy.

After all, $3 million would not even pay the salaries and benefits of the superintendent and his cabinet. What Fresno needs instead of more money is a change in vision and priorities as to how that money is spent.

Clyde Auston