Letters to the Editor

Fresno State overpriced

There has been a lot of talk about our state's budget cuts to higher education and how educational institutions like Fresno State will be forced to cut the incoming freshmen class by 400 students.

As a student at the Willow International Community College Center, I've found the educational environment to be excellent, most classes are small and there is a great deal of interaction between faculty and the student body.

On top of all of this, a semester at the Willow Center costs $350 compared with Fresno State, which costs $2,336.50.

This is a kind of environment that I would like to encourage our Valley's future Fresno State freshmen and their families to consider: overpriced, overpacked classes at Fresno State with little to no parking or the reasonably priced Willow Center with small class sizes and plenty of parking.

The transfer counseling staff at the Willow Center is excellent and works with every student to ensure they take the proper classes to transfer to Fresno State as a junior.

Kyle Hamilton