Letters to the Editor

Learn from history

Secular progressives embrace new social experiments like a child whining that their sibling got an extra cookie for desert and they did not.

So goes William Eisentrager's Dec. 4 letter, just as so many others have. Endemic to human nature, we are ignorantly compelled to covet what we believe others have.

With no concept of the importance of marriage to civilization, and in defiance of the God who instituted it, why not let anyone marry anyone -- polygamous, incestuous, even pedophiliac, who cares. Why not pets? Legalize pot? Why not?

Let the abuses of alcohol show us the way.

Of course, the new Green religion of climate control demands obeisance, scientific objectivity is obviated. So it goes for evolution, also. Equivocation, esoteric obscurantism, hoaxes, and raw ideology trump real science anytime.

Nothing new here. The 20th century documents the results of Godless social experiments.

Regrettably, the only lesson humans learn from history is that humans do not learn from history.

Stewart Hough