Letters to the Editor

Global warming snake oil

I wonder if the state of rocket science was commensurate with the state of this pseudo-science of global warming if we would have any volunteers to strap themselves in for a little cruise atop a Saturn V.

The purveyors of this snake oil still can't explain the laws of gravity, but they're more than willing to commit trillions of other people's dollars to this unproven scheme.

Anyone willing to take a look at this, without their political blinders on, will find it for the flat earth science it really is.

There's a much larger agenda going on here that only the powerful are privy to.

Hands down, this is the biggest farce perpetrated in the history of the world, both in terms of the numbers who have been duped, and in terms of the amount of money being intended to be robbed from the people of the world because of it.

Science today is like everything else. It's for sale.

Say what some wealthy, power-seeking individual or group wants you to say, lend your academic name to it, demand a fat fee, and you're in business.

Gregory L. Bacchetti