Letters to the Editor

Courage vs. cowardice

Your Nov. 17 issue featured a letter to the editor submitted by Nicholas Massei Jr., suggesting that Rep. George Radanovich be congratulated for "having the courage to vote against" the House-passed health care reform bill.

Mr. Massei goes on to loyally recite standard GOP "talking points," escalating in wild absurdity with data from The Lewin Group, a consulting firm based in Falls Church, Virginia.

He neglects to mention that the Lewin organization is wholly owned by the health insurance giant, UnitedHealth Group, or that Mr. Massei, himself, is an authorized independent agent for Blue Cross of California.

Rep. Radanovich's vote against health care reform is as cowardly and beholding to special interests as his Nov. 5 "No" vote on HR 3548, "The Workers, Home Ownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009," which passed 403 to 12, including overwhelming support from 156 Republican members.

An immediate priority of the measure was an extension of unemployment benefits for 14 weeks with an extra six weeks intended for states with unemployment figures above 8.5%, including California at 12.2%.

In Rep. Radanovich's 19th Congressional District, latest figures indicate Mariposa County registering 8.8% unemployment, Madera 12.3%, Tuolumne 12.7%, Fresno 14.1% and Stanislaus 15.3%.

More "compassionate conservatism" from Mr. Radanovich?

Peter Cavanaugh