Letters to the Editor

Party accountability

Peter Weber's column Nov. 18 casts some questions about the reform initiatives. His first loaded question shoulders the blame on the Legislature (read Democrats) for runaway (a pejorative term) spending, as if the Republican governor does not possess the line item veto and the bulk of the state budget is not taken up by the prison industry, schools, higher education, SSI payments.

He does not marshal any hints of cost reductions in any of the present programs, except to limit future ones, however worthy, by securing the funds from established programs.

Mr. Weber proposes to reduce the vote necessary in the Legislature from 66.7% to 50% to pass a budget. Yet he retains the Republican mantra of never any new taxes or fees without a two-thirds vote approval.

What he really wants to do is hold the Democrats in the Legislature responsible to pass a budget, yet with only the slightest possibility of raising funds, no matter how critical it may become.

Mr. Weber would have immensely strengthened his commentary if he had proposed that the budget and taxation votes both be reduced to, say, 55%. Then we can hold the party in power accountable.

Sydney Bluestone