Letters to the Editor

'Huge step backward'

I was stunned and angered upon hearing the recommendations for women and mammograms. This is a huge step backward in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer! Many women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age, and many cancers are caught in the earlier stages because of self-breast exams and mammograms.

Just before Christmas 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39. Had these recommendations already been established and embraced by the insurance companies (I'm sure they will be), I would still not be diagnosed and I would not make it to age 50 for my first mammogram.

It is my fear that with these recommendations many women will slip through the cracks and not be diagnosed until it's too late.

To say that women are needlessly put through false positives from mammograms and really don't need to do self-breast exams is ludicrous! It is much better to have a doctor tell you your biopsy is benign than to tell you that you have breast cancer! And if you are diagnosed, it's better if it's caught early rather than after it has metastasized!

Lynette McBride