Letters to the Editor

Loves his own voice?

Ken Butler, in his letter Oct. 11, extols President Obama's listening ability while once again, doing what liberals do best, slamming former President Bush.

I've been under the impression that it would be difficult for the president to "listen" while he gives speech after speech. As he loves the sound of his own voice, when does he have time to listen? He certainly hasn't been listening to Gen. Stanley McChrystal, having talked with him only twice.

And while our brave troops are fighting and dying, our commander-in-chief goes to Copenhagen. As the days and weeks go by, he can't make a decision on the general's request for more troops.

Maybe President Obama is listening to the left-wing lunatics in the Democrat Party who want us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. In their world there is a substitute for victory. It's called retreat and surrender.

James Clarke