Letters to the Editor

Errors by Hanson

Conservative columnist Victor Davis Hanson makes statements that can easily be refuted by just paying attention to current events. In his column Oct. 11, "We're going at it wrong way," he lists countries under "dictators" and includes Russia. Last weekend, the Russian people gave Putin's United Russia political party around two-thirds of the 7,000 government posts up for grabs in their local elections. Russia has not been a dictatorship for more than 20 years.

Later in his column, he says that "America removed the Middle East's worst regimes," one being the Taliban. Well, unfortunately, the Taliban is now stronger than they ever have been, and they have been taking credit for one suicide bombing after another in recent days.

I have a suggestion for Victor Davis Hanson. I think that if his columns are published in newspapers, maybe he should set aside some time every day and read one himself.

Robert Long