Letters to the Editor

Changing direction

I used to be proud to be labeled as a conservative Christian, a card-carrying member of the so-called "Christian Right." But I now have dropped the "conservative," and any reference to direction -- due to the despicably inhumane actions of our conservative legislators, who, under the smoke-screen of not raising taxes, have once again shown their true colors by undermining and cutting funding to the elderly, disabled and those who can ill afford any assistance with basic daily routines.

A careful analysis proves that these "noble" efforts to keep from raising taxes in general is no more than a secret agenda to allow the very rich to keep their assets intact, including re-election funding to their puppets in both the state and federal legislatures. Why else would legislators even think about the possibility of raising their own salaries, when those that can least afford to live go without adequate medication, basic health care, food or the basic necessities of life?

I cannot understand how these legislators can consider themselves as being a "Christian conservative" (a truly contradictory description) when Christ told us: "what you do unto the least of these you do unto Me," Matthew 24:40.

Stephen Goodman