Letters to the Editor

Health care implosion

At what point do you lose credibility? Can you say anything to your chosen audience and have them believe it to be true? Are their minds so narrowly focused that light from another source is automatically filtered out?

Are these really people who think the health plan will include death squads for the elderly? Or that it is written in a way by the Democrats to do away with Republicans?

Wake up folks! If we do not get hold of health care, it will terminate itself. It will become more and more expensive, and fewer and fewer will be able to afford it. The health corporations will devour us and themselves. My insurance just went up $75 a month.

The GOP professes to be concerned about large bureaucracy. Have you ever thought about what the sum of all the health corporations bureaucracy totals?

Where on the health corporation financial check list do you think patients appear? Is it before or after profits, shareholders, corporate administration, building expansions, acquisitions of other health corporations?

Choose your flotation device carefully. There seems to be the odor of greed and fear in those who protest.

John Waddell