Letters to the Editor

Honor those who serve

Hey, all you GIs want to save three bucks? Go to the Big Fresno Fair.

Really -- is this the way Fresno shows its appreciation to the men, women and volunteers risking their lives in God-forsaken countries? For our protection, I might add. Give them a break, three bucks? I say they get in free with their partner, including the horse races and the Paul Paul Theater.

But you have to have valid identification? A smart uniform, worn proudly, isn't good enough? I'm ashamed.

It wasn't like this during World War II. It got closer to this when we were fighting in Korea, possibly worse than this (have you forgotten?) during that tussle in Vietnam.

Come on Fresno, get on the stick! Don't embarrass us any longer.

A proud "thank you very much" to our blessed, uniformed boys and girls.

Sheldon S. Olson