Letters to the Editor

Incapable of leading

The White House, with Barack Obama's affirmation, disclosed Monday that Fox News is on notice that it will not be allowed access to White House personnel because of its "overt hostility and negativity" to the Obama administration.

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn told CNN that Fox News was a propagandist for the Republican Party and an ideological opponent of the president. Not since Richard Nixon made similar remarks about the New York Times 37 years ago, has an administration put a media outlet on an enemies list. If President Obama wants to be compared to Richard Nixon vis-à-vis a paranoid fear of anyone who disagrees with him, or if they're objectively critical, so be it.

For a guy with barely nine months under his belt, Barack Obama and his administration are proving daily their ineptness, arrogance and sensitivity to criticism. From a failed stimulus to failed health care reform to 10% unemployment to a disastrous water policy to a failed effort to bring the Olympics to Chicago to crying "foul" over Fox News, the president is demonstrating he is incapable of leading the greatest nation on earth. At least he really earned that Nobel Peace Prize.

Christopher G. Tasy