Letters to the Editor

Between political extremes

A large problem with the media today is they seem to show only the extreme points of view on either side. Yes, there are people from the right who dislike President Obama and his policies, and possibly even the fact he is half African-American. And yes, I'm sure there are those on the left who call anyone who disagrees with President Obama "racist" and support any of his policies without educating themselves fully.

We need to acknowledge that the majority of the population is not on either extreme. I don't necessarily agree with the president on everything just because I supported him during the election.

That's the beauty of our political system. We don't have to say "I am strictly a Republican" or "I am strictly a Democrat." We are allowed to have ideas and viewpoints that mix from not only the two main parties, but also the smaller political parties. Just because you are registered with one party, doesn't mean you always have to vote for the candidate representing it.

Educate yourself on the issues. Know where you stand compared to the politicians. One day, we'll see that we aren't just left or right, but that many of us lie somewhere in between.

Kendall McManus