Letters to the Editor

Crucial Korea conflict

I am in complete concurrence with Bob Breshears [Sept. 18] pertaining to the Sept. 15, 1950, landing of allied troops at Inchon Harbor, South Korea, although "The Day of Infamy" is usually considered to be Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor.

There were many Marines from Fresno, and its close environs, that participated in the action at Inchon. Company B Marine Corps Reserve had many of its members in that assault, which included Marines from the other 48 states.

Several of the young men were awarded medals for gallantry in action against enemy forces, including the Silver Star (Sgt. Michael Flores), Bronze Star (Cpl. Ray Cruz) and numerous Purple Hearts which are bestowed on servicemen who are wounded by enemy forces.

The pain and suffering of the many young men who served in Korea was not in vain. South Korea is now a free and prosperous nation that is very grateful for our involvement in their crisis.

Robert Ortega