Letters to the Editor

Tell doctors' names

I have the greatest respect and admiration for my doctors, and for doctors in general. They keep us breathing, walking, moving. They mend our joints, whiten our smiles, and rest our minds.

However, I do have a complaint about a new policy that some doctors' offices are utilizing. When the receptionist calls to remind a patient that he or she has an upcoming appointment that week, she says, "This is your doctor's office calling to remind you of your appointment on Thursday."

In today's world, many of us have more than one doctor, and it is quite confusing when we receive a phone call like this, even when the receptionist leaves a callback number. Sometimes, if we do call back to confirm the appointment, the receptionist answers the phone by saying, "Doctor's office." Then the patient is left with the embarrassing situation of asking, "Which doctor am I calling?"

Doctors need to instruct their receptionists to use the doctor's name when they call to remind us of an upcoming appointment. We trust doctors with our health. Please trust us with the doctor's name.

Linda Robertson