Letters to the Editor

Dream may be over

Sen. Dean Florez' opinion piece: "Is Dream over for Golden State?" [Sept. 4] exposed some historic contradictions of California and eloquently commented on how our future may be no different.

We have a tremendously wealthy state that's $26 billion in debt, while well-off corporate farmers, actors, comedians, politicians and valley mayors expect billions more public dollars for private profits, in the form of increased water storage and expanded delivery systems.

We have corporations planting a future glut on the west side while one already exists on the east side, a multi-year lack of rainfall and very high unemployment due to a two-year construction freefall. Still, the corporate farmers coerce their farm workers to crusade for dams while the state cuts back on the best public investments, of education and health care.

As Sen. Florez alludes, farmhands have been a huge part of the Central Valley's success. Like most parents, they have found their dreams fulfilled through their children with the benefit of public education.

The dream may be over. If the wealthy water interests prevail, we just might continue into this century with our only and historic claim to fame, as the raisin capital of the world.

Larry W. Taylor