Letters to the Editor

Reader welcomes focus on academics

Congratulations to the Academic All-Stars 2009 featured May 17 in The Bee. Many of these outstanding young people will become our future leaders in commerce and government, an inspiration for our state, nation and the world.

Kudos to The Bee for the three-page spread allocated these young men and women. Recent attention by The Bee editorial staff regarding education and the dropout problem is commendable, responsible journalism. We look forward to a new beginning for The Bee, enlarged recognition of academic achievement in our education systems at all levels. In my opinion, that has been lacking in the past.

The dropout problem is beginning to draw public attention, as it should. Our overwhelmed state prison system populated nearly half by school dropouts, plus the overwhelmed law enforcement and legal systems attributable to these dropouts is also gaining attention of The Bee.

An academic section, alongside the sports page could be a good idea, a good start long past due.

Joe Becvar