Letters to the Editor

'Too emasculated'

In regard to the Hmong garden charade that is currently festering, maybe someone can explain to the taxpayers how their public lands were converted to private use. Is it not unlawful to convert public property to private use?

Publicly owned land is just that -- public, not private -- and not for the sole use for one small, select group. Converting public property to private use is unlawful. But it's clearly tolerated, as in the Hmong garden (on public lands) or even the homeless living on public highways such as near the Rescue Mission. I wonder how the city might react if someone took an unused city vehicle for their use -- since it was just sitting there, after all!

I guess our current city leaders are too emasculated or weak to prevent conversions such as the Hmong garden out of public land.

Bottom line, the land is public land. Not private. Of course, at fair market value, I am sure the city might entertain a sale -- or do we need a bailout to fund that possibility?

Mark Johnson