Letters to the Editor

'Out of context'

The death of Mary Stephens was tragic. Clearly the world has lost a wonderful teacher, friend and family member. However, I have problems with the written attacks on Detective Brian Hance. While reading his quote in the paper, it appeared that what he said was taken out of context.

Detective Hance did not blame Ms. Stephens. His message was clear: In a situation where a car is involved in an accident with a bicyclist, motor/scooter rider or pedestrian, the outcome is never good, no matter who is at fault.

Anyone who has come in contact with Detective Hance knows that investigating accidents is more than a job; it is his commitment to the citizens of Fresno. He is one of only two crash reconstruction experts with the Fresno Police Department. He is a professional who meticulously puts his cases together to ensure a criminal filing with the District Attorney's office, if the facts warrant. We should be thanking Detective Brian Hance for his commitment to public safety, not scolding him!

Nina Acosta