Letters to the Editor

'More important'

Reading letters to the editor, many people question Sen. John McCain's choice for vice president. Sarah Palin has no foreign policy experience, but neither does Barack Obama. She is an "unknown," but so was Sen. Obama. She has little experience in government, but as governor of Alaska, it appears she has more experience and accomplishments than Sen. Obama.

This leads to an important question -- not whether Gov. Palin is "ready to be one heartbeat away from the most powerful position on the planet," but if Sen. Obama is ready to be in that position.

I respect John McCain's choice. I do not feel his decision insults my "female Democratic" intelligence, nor do I feel his selection for vice president degraded his "maverick" image, but rather increased it. Before Nov. 4, I will scrutinize both parties' stances on a number of important issues, avoid stagnating on one or two, and disregard non-related topics (i.e. family issues, Sen. Obama's ties to a religious leader and Gov. Palin's 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy).

After all is analyzed, I may vote Republican, because, in my humble opinion, what is good for the U.S. is more important than party affiliation.

Durinda Montoya