Letters to the Editor

'It's up to us'

I applaud Gal Luft's commentary July 20 on energy independence. This country has always been able to overcome any obstacle it wants to. However, it not only has to want to, but truly believe that it can.

Mr. Luft's commentary shows that even countries with less than us have accomplished this task. The problem is that the government is greatly influenced by the oil industry, and no matter what they say, the industry doesn't want to sell less oil. Duh!

So until the government decides to do what's best for the country and its people, it's up to us -- you and I. We can not only conserve by using less, but by demanding alternative-energy vehicles. Our economy is based on supply and demand, and if we stop buying gas-only cars, they will get the hint and start producing the others -- more hybrids, ethanol, electric and fuel cell.

I won't buy a new car until I can plug it in -- just keep fixing the old ones. I hope some day that oil will become so obsolete that they can't give it away.

Larry A. Johnson