Letters to the Editor

'Sharing her pain'

I thank Armen Bacon for her beautifully written columns. I was especially touched by the piece about the passing of her son [Valley Voices, July 19].

My son Brian passed on July 23, 1989. He was 26, a drug and alcohol user, so I know her pain. She is correct in saying it seems the pain gets easier. I believe it takes its proper place in our hearts; the wound scabs over, but can break open at any time.

Her commentary broke my scab open, but I have learned to relish these times to think of my son, to laugh, to cry, to thank God that he is at "home." To think of all the "what ifs?" The good part is, at Easter and Christmas, I know he is with the "reason for the season," and that makes my heart sing.

I thank Ms. Bacon for sharing her pain with us. I'd like to tell her there is "closure," but I don't think there is. I just hope she will learn to relish the pain, because that tells her that her son is with her, and her love for him and his for her is forever.

Jacquelyn Smiser