Letters to the Editor

'Time for equality'

Karen Douglas seems to glaze over the fact that just as those anxious to see a woman elected as president supported Hillary Clinton, there was a similar momentum for Barack Obama.

It would be quite ridiculous to assume that, in such a historic election, identity politics wouldn't taint genuine political support.

At a Clinton rally, I, like many others, felt empowered as a woman. It's an easy sentiment to adopt. But a similar approach was apparent in those anxious to see an African American elected.

For both camps -- women and minorities -- it's time. But in such an important election, when the next four years will determine a lot for America, all (not just women) need to move forward from identity politics. It's important for all of us to vote independent of our race and gender, as tempting as it may be to do otherwise.

Yes, it's time for equality. But that doesn't mean it was time for Hillary Clinton and it doesn't mean it's time for Barack Obama.

Kristin Torres