Letters to the Editor

'Religious entitlements'

Lately there have been too many opinions and rhetoric, such as from a recent letter writer, Alan C. Canton [May 16] and other non-Christians, that religion should not be an issue when choosing a candidate for office. We comprise many religions; the most diversified Christian nation in the world.

Our current Congress is the most religiously diverse body we have ever had. It seems to be awash in a "sea of faith." There is only one ultra-liberal, admitted "atheist" in Congress.

"We, the People" want and expect our candidates to have some religious affiliation. Mr. Canton refers to the "mess in America" caused by religion. Wrong! It is caused by politicians who make too many promises and deliver none. Just listen to what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are saying.

We are indebted to the Founding Fathers for their great works in giving us these "godly" religious entitlements that our great nation stands for.

Manuel Madrid