Letters to the Editor

'People are fed up'

I read your lengthy May 7 article with a brilliant color picture about President Bush with his veto threat and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke working hard to stop the Democrats' housing plan that would allow the FHA to insure up to $300 billion in new mortgages for struggling homeowners and working people currently too financially strapped to qualify for such loans.

On Page C3, I read a tiny two-paragraph article that the same Ben Bernanke has provided a total of $435 billion of our tax dollars in short-term loans to squeezed banks since December to help them overcome their credit problems.

President Bush and Chairman Bernanke labeled the struggling homeowners as reckless borrowers who overextended themselves, and also blamed unscrupulous lenders and investors who tried to game the market at our expense. Wait, is that not the banks that he is describing -- and bailing out so generously with our dollars?

People are fed up. It's no wonder Republicans are fleeing the GOP by the millions and voting for the Democratic Party, and I am not falling for the Rovian media-hype from Rush Limbaugh as the excuse to cover-up the mass exodus.

Mary Holley