Letters to the Editor

'Given America hope'

Barack Obama has given America hope. He says we have to work together to change the bad to good. He made a great speech about how Hillary Clinton and John McCain gave the wrong answer about the war in Iraq -- "Bush's Folly."

Sen. Obama is the only candidate who is honest about how he will keep America safe. I believe he could change the economy and help clean up the mess that President Bush has made. He has more real world experience than Sens. Clinton and McCain and focuses on the positive.

Sen. Clinton voted for the Iraq war, while Sen. Obama wanted to stop it from the beginning. Sen. Obama does not say something just to get people to vote for him; he tells the truth, while Sen. Clinton is being foolish and misleading the people.

Sen. McCain, on the other hand, wants Sen. Clinton to win, in order to beat her in the general election in November. If Sen. Obama wins, he can outsmart Sen. McCain and win the presidency. Sen. Obama is one step closer to becoming the first black president of the United States of America, a president for all Americans.

Rachel Kruger

Age 17