Letters to the Editor

Reagan's legacy

Victor Davis Hanson's ludicrous attempt (column Jan. 20) to rewrite Ronald Reagan's history shows a level of deceit and hypocrisy that is breathtaking. Reagan had the most corrupt administration ever -- before the Bush administration, that is -- as evidenced by pervasive corruption in the 1980s.

His fiscal and economic policies were disastrous and won't be fixed for decades, if not for centuries. Give any worker $100,000 that he doesn't have to repay, that will be repaid by others' children, and he could stimulate his personal economy tremendously for eight years. Reagan gave to his wealthy, fascist friends at least 40 million gifts of $100,000, resulting in an increase in the national debt to $5 trillion.

Not only did Reagan's misconduct cause three recessions in the 1980s, he raised taxes, attempting to repair some of the damage done by his tax cuts. Reagan, like other Republicans for the past 28 years, was wrong about every aspect of fiscal and economic policy, as evidenced by President Bush and Republicans raising the national debt to nearly $12 trillion by the time his and Reagan's policies run their courses.

Reagan bought economic stimulus with debt that the yet unborn will have to repay.

Jess Smith