Letters to the Editor

No victory for women

Women's suffrage was a victory for women's rights. Women being allowed more roles in the military was a victory for women's rights. Stacy Johnson-Klein being awarded $19.1 million is not a victory for women's rights -- it is a victory for Stacy Johnson-Klein.

Just look at the photograph on the front page of the Dec. 7 Bee. I am not convinced this is the face of someone enduring $11 million worth of "non-economic suffering."

What is "non-economic suffering" anyway? Assuming she was, in fact, fired as a result of sexual discrimination, it would be just for her to be compensated for her loss of wages. That would be easy to calculate: her salary prorated out for the rest of an average-length career. The jury stated that this is roughly equivalent to $5 million. It would be unethical for her to accept any more.

So does the remaining $14 million cover her pain and suffering? I am afraid that this pain and suffering is called "life." I am fairly certain that her only "non-economic" damage is that she might not be a basketball coach anymore. Greater tragedies exist in the world.

Thomas Fredrickson