Letters to the Editor

'It could be us'

I was touched by Bill McEwen's column about Ina Briney [Nov. 22]. I truly believe that more of us should think that "it could be us when we see the homeless." If we lose our jobs, have disabled children or we become disabled ourselves, it could be us. I know that it could be me.

I respect Ms. Briney for wanting to work to help her family financially. I have a disabled child, and sometimes, I am just one paycheck from being homeless myself.

I missed Ms. Briney when I drove from Clovis to the Save Mart on Fruit and McKinley avenues to give her some yarn and handmade items she could sell to make a few bucks. I gave them to a sales clerk at the supermarket. I hope she was given the items. I know it wasn't much, but it was given with love.

I hope Ms. Briney reads this, and knows that I appreciate her and I care.

Maxie Sue Wilfong, Clovis