Letters to the Editor

'Drive responsibly'

When will people have common sense about how to drive? There are so many people who should never have received drivers licenses, and they are sometimes the backbone of a crash or related injury.

The big crash on the Highway 99 recently is a perfect example. Some idiot chose to drive in the fog after he had been drinking. More and more people talk on their cell phones while driving. If you cannot do both things at one time, then don't do it!

Why do people tailgate? Do they really think that others will go faster just for them? I most certainly will not. Sorry, but if you did not plan to give yourself enough time in the morning, that is not my fault.

Everyone should have to retake the driving exam every 10 years before a license is renewed. There are too many lives lost to incompetence. When are people going to wake up and drive responsibly?

Janelle Stransky, Kingsburg