Letters to the Editor

Monitor sex offenders

Every time I leave home, I am a little disturbed by the fact that there are three registered sex offenders residing in the same mobile-home community that I live in.

To make things worse, I live within one mile of two schools, one being right across the street. Thanks to the Megan's Law Web site, we are able to protect ourselves from sexual predators, but only if we are aware of the Web site. By going to this site, you are able to scan the area you live in, see pictures of registered sex offenders and view their charges.

Making yourself aware of your surroundings is one way to protect yourself and your family from a devastating attack. I feel a little safer that I know exactly where the predators live. We still need to keep our sensors on and be in tune with our surroundings. But even all the good Megan's Law has done, we still need to take precautionary measures to protect ourselves.

I still cannot see how three registered sex offenders are able to live right across the street from a school and two blocks away from another. The living restrictions need to be stronger in order to protect our schoolchildren.

Cherrah Case