Letters to the Editor

'A better solution'

Instead of SCHIP, we need a comprehensive "brain cell rehab program" for Congress. Talk about a"vote-buying giveaway of taxpayers' money! Is there no fiscal common sense in Washington anymore? A "child" is now 25 years old?

Families making annual incomes of $82,000 can certainly afford their own health insurance.

A better solution would be sterilization for people who can't or won't afford health care for their offspring (think "out-of-wedlock" children).

Send the bill for illegals' health care to Mexico. (Where is the study on what this costs California/the nation, annually?)

Stop the frivolous lawsuits, exorbitant doctor malpractice insurance and gross payouts of taxpayer money, and we could have manageable health care.

Think you want "socialized" health care? Think about the Department of Motor Vehicles, the government mess on the border, Homeland Security -- got the picture?

Time to tell Congress to get into rehab, quit playing "gotcha" political games and acquire some fiscal responsibility.

Victor A. Sweet