Letters to the Editor

More laws won't help

"The campus was safe all day. We made sure that was the case." This quote from a dean at California State University, Fresno appeared on fresnobee.com the morning of May 9 following the shooting death of a student the day before. It best illustrates the myth of gun control.

How did they make sure? Did they check every backpack and frisk every student? If not, the squadrons of armed police on campus couldn't have prevented another shooting. They would have been a reactive force.

The shooter was known to carry a gun, although he did not have a concealed carry permit, so we know he was a criminal. He acquired his gun illegally, since he wasn't old enough to buy one. Pass more laws that you have to be 50 years old to buy a handgun; limit of one gun per lifetime; single-shot, bolt-action pistols only and a student is still dead. Criminals break laws; that's what makes them criminals.

No one wants to give up the freedom that allows us to go anywhere without being searched, yet without this level of security, you never know. This is why the Second Amendment is as fundamental today as it was when it was written.

Bill Ferguson