Letters to the Editor

Students spread awareness of environment

The Earth Club at Bullard High School recently planned a weeklong program of lunchtime activities to spread

awareness about environmental concerns.

Information was presented on issues such as water and air quality, pollution and renewable energy resources.

The group of students, led by AP Environmental Science teacher Eric Neilson, organized presentations to inform

fellow students on environmental issues and provided solutions that can lessen local environmental problems.

To promote environmental stewardship, students who carpooled or rode bikes to school had an opportunity to enter a

drawing to win a stylish, nonpolluting beach cruiser bike. Green ribbon bracelets were distributed to encourage

Bullard students to participate in the lunch activities regarding the environment.

The Earth Club members campaigned for bettering the environment and found it difficult to get fellow students to

engage in these environmentally educational activities. I suppose not all teenagers are interested in changing the

current environmental conditions, but the Earth Club members are hoping for change.

Sophie Seiden