Letters to the Editor

Be safe, buy American

Recently I bought a box of dried fruit from Costco. Upon opening a bag, I noticed that the company was located in

New York, but the product was processed in China. I will be returning the box to the store and from now on will pay

close attention to where the food I eat originated.

Buying clothes and tools made in China is one thing, but after the pet food scare, then the news that counterfeiters

were putting poisonous chemicals in some medications because it was cheaper and gave them more profits, I decided

enough is enough. I will no longer buy produce from another country, packaged food that states it was processed in

another country or non-organic meats.

We are losing control of our food supply and I would be willing to pay more for my food, or do without, rather than

support continued outsourcing of our food supply. Hershey's is moving its Oakdale plant to Mexico. I have eaten my

last Hershey product.

A recent TV program said more American parents are teaching their children Chinese as a second language because

that's where they see the future going. Does that scare anyone? Is cheaper worth the risk?

Edith Countryman