Letters to the Editor

Not very wise

When did it become intelligent to protest to a country that you're trying to get citizenship in? How about carrying

Mexican and all other flags in your protest? Does that take some kind of a special intelligence? How about making

threats to the very country you want to join? That too doesn't sound intelligent.

I've heard protestors say they don't get respect. Is it not getting respected when you're getting free

hospitalization and all the work you could possibly want?

My daughter drove through a part of Fresno the other day and didn't know where she was. Everything was a

foreign-language sign or blaring foreign music. Have we forgotten what country we're in?

I have worked and been in a lot of other countries in the world, and I wouldn't advise taking a mob downtown,

displaying Old Glory all over the place and making threats. That wouldn't be too intelligent.

Frank Douglas