Letters to the Editor

'A definite indicator'

Companies that hire drivers of hazardous materials should be held responsible for accidents, if they didn't screen

out any applicant with less than a 100% clean driving record.

Quote from The Bee editorial May 4: "One legislator said he would push the state to adopt tougher standards for

drivers of hazardous materials." This is a positive approach, and can be achieved by adopting a requirement of a

100% accident-free record. Laws are important; however, you cannot legislate safe driving.

Another quote from the same Bee editorial: "But a criminal record in and of itself ought not disqualify people from

driving trucks." I submit a criminal record is a definite indicator of someone who is unable to make proper choices.

Safe driving is much more than shifting gears and steering, it's a state of mind.

When truckers' licenses are renewed, any driver with a 100% citation-free record should be noted on the license with

a special sticker or symbol of recognition. This would help the applicant's screening process.

Clay Comer