Letters to the Editor

Conserving water

Water conservation has many facets from personal commitment to all phases of government oversight. A recent study

points out that $1 spent on conservation equals $50 spent on dams. Things we might put at the top of the list in

Fresno County would be no dam at Temperance Flat, and no nuclear power plant, which would use gross amounts of water

we don't have. Instead, why not a long-term plan for installing solar panels on every house in Fresno?

Subdivisions that have groundwater-pumped lakes must turn to wastewater treatment plants for their lakes. That also

goes for any thought of a river walk in downtown Fresno. Can't we convert our water-wasting parking strips to trees

in watering wells with interesting pavement? Our city parks could observe the same watering days as homeowners by

not watering every day.

And, of course, the one ultimate help would be water meters. Instead, for those of you who don't read those inserts

that came with your (latest, larger) utility bill, the city is offering a $75 rebate if you install a low-flush

toilet. How's that for a starter?

Jeanne Larson