Letters to the Editor

No to restaurant

Just what is it about the word "No!" that developers and city officials don't understand?

We do not need a Japanese restaurant (or an Italian restaurant or a Mexican restaurant or a Chinese restaurant) in

Woodward Park. Why do we have to keep fighting this proposal every few years?

The Woodward family originally donated the land as a bird sanctuary and it has been developed into a beautiful,

quiet island of green, away from traffic and high-rise buildings and polluted air. As one who enjoys the solitude of

Woodward Park nearly every day, I would be heartbroken to see it become just another commercial enterprise.

The park does not need any more cars or floodlights or pavement. Fresno has all too many commercial developments as

it is. Let us continue to enjoy the falling stars, the rising sun and the quiet.

Please, let's drop the restaurant idea before it goes any further.

Brent DeMonte