Letters to the Editor

Lessons of history

This is for Vanessa Colón and Guy Keeler, who compiled the article on Cinco de Mayo in The Bee on May 5.

I was reading Larry Briney's "Daily Grace for the Daily Grind" that day, and wished that Ms. Colón and Mr. Keeler had had a chance to read what he wrote. It's a marvelous history of Cinco de Mayo and how this battle that was won in Puebla, Mexico, impacted U.S. history as well. We in the United States could also celebrate this marvelous triumph of the meek over the mighty.

There's so much of history that is not included in our school educations now and most of us don't seek it out so that we have any information on the why's of history and how it might affect our lives today.

Larry Briney is one of the pastors at Valley Christian Center, and I have learned so much from him, not only about Christianity, but history, science and the meaning of words. Here is a man who knows his stuff and shares his knowledge. He's a wonderful source of information and I can highly recommend him and his writing.

Elise Temby