Letters to the Editor

'Inept leadership'

Now we have two presidential candidates deciding the only way to assure peace in Iraq is to divide it into three separate states along sectarian boundaries. This is the same kind of arrogant, narrow-minded, self-serving, ignorant decision-making that's created this never-ending mess.

No boundary, or wall or any number of troops is going to keep people who want to kill each other from doing so. Anything we do, whether it be a "redeployment," a "surge" or building walls in Baghdad will not be a long-term solution. These strategies can only result in a short-term window of relative peace to allow us to create a justification to get out of there. The only long-term solution must come from Iraqi leadership and no one else.

The bottom line is our arrogant, narrow-minded, self-serving, ignorant president created this fiasco and now Sens. Sam Brownback and Joe Biden are displaying the same kind of inept leadership. Give me a break!

Jay Fowler