Letters to the Editor

What's Hershey missing?

The points mentioned in Editorial Page Editor Jim Boren's column [May 6] relative to Hershey moving the Oakdale production to Mexico are valid; however, he might have missed one very important factor. The management of the Hershey Corporation may have some of the blame here. Why is it that Nestlé, which also has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., seems to do very well? We don't hear of plant layoffs or lower profits despite the fact it is foreign-owned for the most part.

Labor is a large part of production costs, but it is only one facet of the total cost picture. I wonder if the Hershey management group in Pennsylvania really looked at all the factors carefully. The Oakdale plant appeared to be extremely efficient during a recent plant tour. The conductors of the tour were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, leading an observer to believe this is a thriving company with contented employees.

It is so sad to see a very old and well-known business icon departing from an area where it seems to fit so well.

Rene Lastreto Sr.